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First and second tier cities second-hand housing listing volume skyrocketing, the market is selling? You think too much!

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Residential buildings. Photo by Xue Yufei of Sino Singapore longitude and latitude

Zhongxin Jingwei client, July 25 (Xue Yufei) all along, the market has paid more attention to the number of second-hand houses listed in various cities. Some people even regard the number of second-hand houses listed as small as possible. In addition to the sunshine and rain of real estate market operation, if the listing amount is greatly increased, it means that the second-hand landlords have no expectation of house prices and even the arrival of the selling tide.

In recent years, news has been heard from many places that the number of second-hand houses has been greatly increased. In some cities, the number of houses on sale has increased nearly three times in a year, which is connected with many voices, such as \

Has the city second-hand housing listing quantity increased 3 times?

Thousands of people are swaying to buy houses, which makes Hangzhou's one-sided low price real estate abnormal and inflamed, which has led to the rise of the whole market business volume. In recent months, the turnover of second-hand houses has exceeded 10000 sets. At the same time, the number of second-hand housing listing continued to rise.

According to the data of transparent house sales network, in November 2019, the number of second-hand houses listed in Hangzhou City exceeded the mark of 100000 units. In April this year, it exceeded 110000 units. On June 17, it officially exceeded 120000 units. In November 2018, the number of second-hand houses in Hangzhou was only 40000 units, which almost tripled in a year and a half. According to the client inquiry of Zhongxin Jingwei, there are about 75000 and 68000 second-hand houses in Hangzhou that are currently on sale on Shell's website.

On the one hand, the fire of new house and second-hand house business is on the other hand, but on the other hand, there is a sharp increase in the number of second-hand housing listing, which inevitably leads to people's inconsistency with the market direction. According to transparent house sales website, according to the monthly turnover of more than 10000 in April and may this year, it will take 12 months to improve the home page of the 120000 sets of second-hand houses on the home page of Fucai Kuai official website, and 18 months are required for the home page of Fucai Kuai official website, based on the average monthly turnover of 6600 sets of second-hand houses (79600 sets of second-hand houses) Between.

According to a Chongqing media report recently, the number of local second-hand houses is soaring. According to the report, according to the official performance data of Lianjia, Chongqing had about 48000 second-hand housing units in January 2019, and 90000 units in July 2019. Now, the number of second-hand houses listed in Chongqing is close to 160000 units in July, making it the highest number of second-hand housing in China.

Shell to find a house website performance, Chengdu now has 137000 units on sale.

Other first and second tier cities, the same amount of second-hand housing listing to add news. According to the we media, according to the performance of shell house search website, by the end of October 2019, the number of second-hand houses listed in Suzhou exceeded 50000 units, and by July 22 this year, the number of listing reached 92000 units. According to the data of shell house search website, the number of second-hand houses listed in Chengdu exceeded 100000 units in July 2019, and has now increased to 137000 units.

Shell to find a house, I like the performance of my website, Beijing is now selling about 92000 sets of second-hand housing, 71000 sets. Guo Yi, the initial analyst of Heshuo institution, told the client that although the listing data on some real estate business platforms have been beautified, they can see the possible trend. Compared with last year, the number of listed houses in Beijing has increased by 20000 sets.

The increase in the number of houses sold is only single digit

Sorting out the media reports earlier, the turning point of the number of second-hand housing listing is based on the data of one or more real estate business platforms, and it is concluded that there is or will be a sell-off trend in the market. Is that true of the prototype?

Xu Youxiao, the initial analyst of shell's house search, told the client of Zhongxin Jingwei that he had carefully noticed that some media had manipulated the data of shell's house sales sources in their reports, but there were some misunderstandings about the data manipulation. It is reported that the data of shell house search is compared with that of, but the data of these two dimensions are not comparable. Because shell house search is a platform, chain home is only a merchant on the platform, and the number of second-hand houses on shell house search is higher than that of chain house.


However, due to the shortening of trading volume and the delay of listing business hours, the listing volume of second-hand houses in some central first and second tier cities has shown a slight rise. According to the shell Research Institute, in June this year, 11 of the 18 cities under its key monitoring had a year-on-year increase in inventory of second-hand houses. In the first half of 2020, the turnover of second-hand houses in key cities declined year-on-year, which is obviously compared with the popularization and supplement of inventory. Xu Youxiao stressed: \

As far as Beijing is concerned, in addition to the reduction of turnover and other reasons, Guo Yi also pointed out that most of the owners of second-hand houses listed for sale have the need to change their houses and improve their houses. As necessary, they have already asked for a higher initial payment ratio, so it is necessary to \

Zhang Dawei, the original analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, said that the number of second-hand housing listed in the first and second tier cities has not changed a lot, showing the so-called substantial growth in foreign countries. At the same time, even the data on the mainstream real estate business platform are not entirely reliable. \

In addition, the increase of second-hand housing in some Yanmen cities is also related to the composition of the main body of house purchase. Zhang Dawei said that Hangzhou's market has always been relatively inflamed, and there are a large proportion of investors in the buying group. After the house is delivered, such buyers will soon list their houses for sale. There are also investors who just hang out their houses to keep the price trend and market temperature fresh at any time, so as to make a decision to continue to hold or sell.

China new Jingwei client has reported that a large number of houses were sold on the real estate business platform shortly after delivery of some real estate projects bought by lottery in Hangzhou. A real estate agent near the store also confirmed that the property owners are basically investors.

Sell? It doesn't exist!

Hangzhou is a residential area. Photo by Xue Yufei of Sino Singapore longitude and latitude

Since the second-hand housing listing in the first and second tier cities does not exist, the so-called sell-off tide is also based on foreign countries. Zhang Dawei said that the turning point of the listing volume is affected by many factors, so it is absolutely forbidden to use this figure to forecast the market trend. As the market is cold and inflamed, we still need to look at the trading volume and transaction price.

Guo Yi said that from the perspective of the Beijing market, there is no selling. \

Guo Yi also analyzes that the addition of the listing amount will make the house price show a shock, \

As for the future, Guo Yi believes that with some high-end new housing projects in Beijing's urban area now being marked into the market, it will support the prices of the central region, especially the prices of second-hand houses. Due to the large inventory of new houses and second-hand houses in the peripheral market, the second-hand housing prices outside the Fifth Ring Road will remain stable or steadily declining.

Xu you said with a smile that the listing price of large area owners is going down, but the decline is not big. In the 18 cities where the shell house is mainly monitored, the price of second-hand houses dropped by 3% in June, which belongs to an ordinary bargaining price and is sold in foreign countries by a large margin.

listing, the sale of second-hand landlords does not exist, but it also reveals the concealed depression of the property market. In a recent circular, Shell Research Institute pointed out that now the price and rent, the expansion of the economy and the degree of separation of residents have been widened.

Second hand housing owners are also less than the market belief. According to the data of the Research Institute, in the second quarter of 2020, in addition to Shenzhen and Shanghai, the number of times for owners to increase their prices was less than 30%, of which 9 cities accounted for less than 20%.

As for the market trend in the second half of the year, the above-mentioned research institute has determined that the external current of central cities is better than that of non central cities, that of central areas is stronger than that of suburbs, and that of improved residential products is stronger than that of rigid demand products. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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